Fran McKendree

Fran McKendree

McKendree Spring - Fran McKendreeOn stage, Fran connects with everyone in the audience. Each individual senses that he or she is valuable, important. Fran’s music communicates hope, love, and wonderment at the mystery that surrounds us, as well as a deep understanding of life’s struggles. His music engages the seeker within each of us…opening the door to an environment where one feels the healing touch of the Spirit…and touches the rhythm of our journey.

Fran’s musical interest was sparked as a teenager when out of the blue his parents gave him a guitar for Christmas, freeing him from years of dreaded third clarinet parts in the marching band! Not much later he faced a career decision: forest ranger or rock and roll star?

Still hoping he’d made the right choice he began his professional musical career in 1968 with the group McKendree Spring. This innovative and widely acclaimed group recorded seven albums and toured the United States and Europe.

Out of the solo work that followed, there came a sense of mission: soon Fran turned his writing and performing skills in a spiritual direction.

My hope is to remain thankful for and receptive to the movement of God in my life, and to do this in a humble, energetic manner, celebrating our differences and similarities as creatures of God, and remembering always we are called to actualize our faith in the world.

In addition to his concert work, Fran is available as a keynoter/coordinator/musician for conferences. He has also developed a variety of workshops for churches that are seeking to enhance or develop the style and quality of the music in their worship. His work has taken him all over the United States, Canada, Central and South America. He lives with his wife, Diana, in western North Carolina.